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I am a busy mommy of 6, seeking to be a loving, godly helpmeet to my husband and a biblical discipler to my children. God has blessed us with a child with Autism. May the lessons that the Lord is teaching me and our family be a blessing to you and yours!

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Friday, December 5, 2008
Philip lost his first tooth tonight at dinner. He was eating applesauce and reached in his mouth to pick out what he thought was a piece of food and he pulled out a tooth! He is VERY excited about his "tooth fairy". We tried to explain to him that it is a tooth and that the tooth fairy will visit him tonight and leave him some money. He kept getting confused. He put the tooth under my pillow and checked it frequently, notifying us that it was still there and the tooth fairy hadn't come yet. When he went up to bed he took the tooth with him to put under his pillow. :-)

I'll try adding a picture tomorrow because the internet isn't cooperating right now! :-(

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Many things have been stressing and tiring me out lately and I haven't had the desire to blog most of the time. Today we tackled one of my HUGE stresses.... the school room. Phil's company gave him a nice gift certificate for Christmas and we were able to purchase some book shelves for the school room as well as a couple other needed items.

I've been doing school in the kitchen lately because I do not like the chaos of our school room. We were using cardboard boxes as make shift book shelves, which were becoming more and more bowed. We also had a HUGE pile of “stuff” that hadn't found a home yet since we moved in.

Many of the boxes are filled with books that I hope to get bookshelves for someday, but until then the pile of “stuff” has been relocated to a storage closet off the bathroom. I still have a lot of sewing supplies pilled up near the filing cabinet which I hope to get organized into rubber maid containers before storing it elsewhere.

Here is a shot of the newly organized wall.
December 1, 2008
Phil didn't get a deer this hunting season. However he did enjoy learning how to field dress a deer and a great time of fellowship with men from our church at the hunting cabin. He did see a nice buck opening season but he didn't get a shot at it. He also shot at a nice 7 pointer the last weekend of hunting season but it was too far off and on the run, so he missed. We were very blessed by friends sharing some of their deer with us. We have two small bucks and a really nice doe to cut up next week. We are thankful for the meat!
We had a nice quiet thanksgiving yesterday even if it was a bit lonely. I still miss being with family on the holidays but I know that since we have chosen a life with farm animals we will most likely not get to leave home much.

I was hoping we'd get to eat one of our turkey's for our Thanksgiving dinner but Phil thought ours were still too small so we enjoyed some chicken instead. It was fun and challenging serving a preservative, dye, and “processed” dinner. We had our pastured chicken, stuffing made with properly prepared homemade bread & cornbread flavored with garden veggies and sage, sweet potato souffle, corn, organic cranberry sauce, gravy, homemade bread w/ butter, pumpkin & apple pie served with freshly whipped cream. It was the first thanksgiving ever that I didn't end up with an MSG head ache from the stuffing and other preservative laced foods. We enjoyed all the food that we had grown on our own property.

We spent the week filling up construction paper leaves with things we were thankful for. We tapped the leaves on the window in the kitchen. The rule was that you had to put something totally different down each time and we couldn't repeat anything that had been chosen on a different day. Our window was filled with fun colorful leaves listing over 30 different things that our family was thankful for.