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Thursday, October 18, 2007
It has been a long time since I have blogged. Over the past couple of weeks we've had many adventures so I will try to briefly update you on Life with the Reese's Pieces!

About 2 weeks ago Nathan hit his head wrestling with Caleb. He seemed fine, only crying a minute or two. Then about 1 1/2 hours later Phil noticed that his left eye was fixed and dilated. That is usually the sign that there is serious brain trauma! We took him to the hospital where the CAT scan was normal. The doctor there was baffled so he consulted an Opthamologist who said that often people will hit their head and it will cause a dilation in one eye that will dissipate after about 48 hours. We were still a bit nervous but went home. Two days later Phil was up until 4 am studying about it. That next morning one of the kid brought us and empty eye drop bottle. Caleb had to take a medicine that forced his eye to stay dilated to help with the healing process. We discovered that Nathan put some of this medicine in his eye because he looked at the bottle: Held his eye open, pointed to his eye and said, "my eye...." So we figured out that the dilation was because of the medicine, what a relief!!

One of my dear friends had her first baby, a sweet little girl on October 2nd! It has been fun keeping up on the babies first weeks. My friend is going to be the BEST mom!!! She was always wonderful with our kids and I know that she will be a Godly sweet mommy!

Elizabeth celebrated her 11th birthday on October 13th by having a friend over the spend the night and for cake and ice cream! I'm so thankful for how our children have graciously gone through this time of Phil not having a job. Elizabeth had a present from her friend, a card with money from Grandpa & Grandma Conover, a very small gift from us, a present from Grandma & Grandpa Reese (Jonathan Park Adventure Cd's-- if you've not heard of these they are AWESOME Creation vs. Evolution adventures, check them out at, they'd make a GREAT Christmas gift for kids between the ages of 6 - 12). She was very sweet and so excited about what she did get. Usually we hold a large party with several friends and she gets lots of nice things, but this year we just couldn't afford a large party. She accepted it with such a sweet spirit!

Caleb had an appointment at Children's Hospital on Monday, Oct 15. It was a very encouraging appointment! The doctor said his eye is healing well and that he is lifted from all physical restrictions. Caleb is VERY excited to be able to have recess, play in gym, and ride his bike!

We had parent teacher conferences last week and I was shocked and so excited to see that our Samuel has all A's & B's. Many of you know that Samuel has really struggled academically the past couple years. His teacher this year is AMAZING. She has really sought to connect with Sam and help him with his various learning struggles. He is thriving in her class!

Phil's job search has been on hold the past couple weeks because he has been VERY busy with his own Business! PTL! However, about 3 weeks ago he started the interview process with one company. They did a phone interview and at the end of the phone interview he was asked to set up an in person interview. Then he got a call a couple days later asking if he'd do a phone interview with the Executive VP. That interview also went very well. His in person interview was next. Phil thought it went ok, but he didn't get so much of a "We'll be in touch". Since we didn't hear anything for 2 weeks we assumed that they had decided that Phil wasn't the right fit for the company. We were pleasantly surprised last week to get an email from them stating that they were sorry they hadn't been in touch and that they are trying to make their final decisions this week. We were encouraged thinking that they must still have some interest in him or they wouldn't have emailed. Then last night right before church they called and asked for another phone interview today. He will be interviewing with the person who will be his boss. The interview will be some time this morning or afternoon. Please pray with us that God's will, will be evident and that we will be able to accept a rejection if they don't choose Phil. This is the farthest we've made it through the interview process. For those of you who didn't know, Phil has been without consistent employment since Dec. 2005. His computer business is not strong yet, we are very thankful for all the business he has had the past two weeks though!

As for me, I've been trying to switch over the kids summer clothes to winter. Last week I spent about 24 hours sorting, packing, switching, laundering, etc. I still have to pull all the summer from Sam, Caleb & Elizabeth, and make sure they winter clothes that fit properly. WHEW!!

Sorry this ended up being so long, I'll try to get batter about posting.


Shannon Smith said...

I enjoyed reading your update. I'm very glad to hear that Caleb's eye is doing so well. What a huge answer to prayer!!