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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Have you ever had a time in your life when you have had to wait on the Lord? God put us in a position in January 2006 where we started a long phase of waiting on God. The Lord led us away from NBBC and into the Independent Business Owner life. Phil started Tri-Star Computer Solutions with the hope of building a successful business. It has been a long road since then filled with many bumps, curves, and dead ends. Phil found a few really great customers and yet, he found it difficult to build a business that was sufficient to meet our family needs. He enjoyed his business and loved being home more, but the financial stress was very difficult. The summer of 2006 he decided that he would actively start looking for employment. He has applied for more jobs than we can count and has had many interview's. Only two in this long process looked promising. For one, the Lord obviously closed the door. The other, we saw it looking positive, then for a while we thought he was not the choice the company was going to make. Each time Phil would remind me that it was Good to Wait on the Lord. I often failed to see God's goodness in it all, so I'd cry out to God for His grace and strength, begging Him to help me to wait as He was desiring me to wait.

Last week and this week he received more communication from the company that caused us to believe that they were very interested in Phil. Each time another positive step took place we were excited yet felt the Lord encouraging us to continue to wait on Him. Today Phil received the official job offer from Dynamic Campus Solutions. He is excited to join their company in the position of User Services Manager. He has been very impressed with the research he has done about the company and how thorough they have been in the interviewing process. His first day of work will be November 5th.

I've been crying since about 4:00 ish when he got off the phone with the woman in charge of personnel. We are rejoicing in God's mighty provision of this job. We prayed specifically that he would find a job that would be in Wisconsin for Thomas's Autism Waiver qualifications, meet our needs financially and that would allow us to move out of the area. We have been blessed with a great public school here for the kids but really felt the Lord directing us to home school. We didn't feel it was in the best interest of the kids nor our relationship with the school, which is VERY good, to pull them while living four houses down from the school. I am very excited about being able to have my husband, children, and home as my total focus. I have a couple Pampered Chef shows in November, but I do not intend on taking my business with me. I'll be notifying my loyal customers about our move and letting them know that I am willing to do catalog shows but will not plan on traveling back to the area to do Cooking Classes. I've had 10 GREAT years in the business and am excited about letting go in order to turn my focus totally onto my family. There is a time and a season for everything and my season is that of being a mom, disciple maker, and teacher to six children who we pray will grow up to be soldiers for Christ!

The Lord has provided a place for Phil to stay for the first month of his employment or until we are able to find a place to buy in that area. It is our desire to look at the churches in the area and choose the place to look for a house based on which church we feel the Lord wants us to be at.

There are still many loose ends since Phil needs a vehicle, we need to sell or rent this house, we need to find a new house in the Cleveland, Manitowoc, Sheyboygan area, WEAP needs to find a new team of therapists for Thomas, and much more. Thank you all for praying for us and we would continue to covet your prayers as we transition into a new home, area, church, and a new family routine with Phil being gone during the day and the children being home schooled. We are hoping to be able to move around Christmas time so this kids will finish up the first half of their school year here in Pembine and we will start homeschooling in January. All of these plans are in the hands of the Lord. We will continue to move forward as He unfolds the path He has for us.

Psalm 27:14


Melinda McMillen said...

Praise the Lord!! I'm so excited for y'all as you start a new chapter of your lives. Congratulations to Phil on the new job....I hope everything goes well for y'all. Now comes the fun part....hehehe!!


Angie said...

God Is sooooo Good! Your family will be in our prayers as you move and resettle.

Tim & Kristen said...

Praise the Lord for the Lord's provision!! I am very happy for your family.

patblack9 said...

Wow, that is awesome. I am in the same boat. I am in real estate and looking for a full time position that will bring a steady income and meet my financial needs. I believe I am in a God designed waiting period as he teaches me to trust Him and His timing. I keep wondering if I should be doing more? Should I go for the job at the mall paying much less than could be making elsewhere??? I have hundreds of resumes out there and hundreds of marketing pieces for my real estate business. He has provided in the most unexpected ways during the last year, a sale out of no where and it is always just enough to make it through the next few months. Sometimes it's tough because you don't want to miss any opportunities.