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I am a busy mommy of 6, seeking to be a loving, godly helpmeet to my husband and a biblical discipler to my children. God has blessed us with a child with Autism. May the lessons that the Lord is teaching me and our family be a blessing to you and yours!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
As I type it is 14 degrees with a real feel of -2 but yes, I am dreaming of and planning for my summer garden. God has been helping me to prune extra things from my life over these past couple of years so that I can totally focus on the garden He has given me. I know His desire for me is to slow down and focus my attention on being a help meet to my husband and mother to my children. Along with this pruning process the Lord has given me a great desire to discipline myself by providing as many natural whole foods as I can for my family.

Each Year we "try" a garden. Until last year I always left it all to Phil who was working way to many hours and didn't have the time to do it. Gardening simply wasn't my thing! Last year I tried my hand at it with little success. I allowed myself to be doing too many things that I shouldn't have been doing thus my garden fell to weeds and didn't produce as it should have.

Today we will find out if we will be able to get a home in the country near Phil's new job. It already has a very large garden plot that the current family of 10 who is renting the house have been using. When we move I will officially be FULL TIME wife, mom, and homemaker. No more Pampered Chef, no more babysitting for other people, no more spreading myself thin on things that are NOT what is most important to my mission on this earth!

So, I'm getting ready for my summer garden. I'm ordering my seeds from an organic heirloom seed company so that I won't have any GMO chemically, genetically altered nutritionally stripped seeds. I'm going to have over 100 plants started inside from these seeds, and have been working on researching the planting schedule for the area we will be moving too. This garden project will be a family one. The kids will help me each day working in the garden and we hope to put up a lot of veggies and fruit (I'm doing strawberries & raspberries) for the winter months. I think I have chosen over 30 veggies to do in the garden. Ya.... I know.... I'm probably starting out way to big. BUT.... what else will I do with my summer than garden, play with the kids and take care of our new hobby farm animals! Yes, I know I'm crazy but this is a dream come true for me! I've always wanted to step back into the years of Laura Ingalls Wilder and learn how to live off the land while teaching my children how to have a good work ethic. For me this will require that I give up my pride and my selfishness and do what I know God wants me to do rather than ignoring that still small voice.

Next week I'm purchasing the books: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver which is a book about a family who moved from big city life in Arizona to a farm where they went through the process of learning how to live off the land through gardening and raising their own meat. I'll write a review about it and post my comments and thoughts as I read through it. I'm also getting the book: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I've heard it is a great resource for learning how to eat and cook healthier and it loaded with recipes!

These are the start of my new library on gardening, preserving, and hobby farming. We'll have the summer to work in our garden and play with our new farm animals then.... Home Schooling, another new adventure!

Proverbs. 31:27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.