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Friday, November 9, 2007
This past week has gone really well for our first week away from Phil! We are all REALLY excited about seeing him tonight though! He is getting off a little early today and hopes to be home when the kids get home from school. They will be so surprised to see him!

We have put an offer on a home in Kiel Wisconsin that is a 6 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home with 2500 square feet and a 4 car garage all on 4 acres of agriculteral land! We hope to find out next week if it will be ours. There is a primary offer that has to remove the contingency of selling their home and come up with financing. If they cannot then we will become the primary offer with hopes of closing on the house by December 7th. There are so many things to work through that we are simply praying that if this is the house God wants us to have that everything will come together smoothly!

We've looked at 35 homes in the area down there and this one is the only one that would really work well for our family. I have a stack of about 12 more for Phil to look at if the one in Kiel falls through.

Saturday we will be celebrating Samuel & Calebs' birthdays with a pool party at a place called the Four Seasons in our town. They are very exciting about getting to swim with their friends! Samuel will be 10 on Nov 16th and Caleb just turned 8 on Nov 3rd. This is the first time we've done a combined party for them and I think it will be really fun! We've decided to buy each of the kids a cool car instead of donig a junk filled goodie bag. I hope it will go over well with the boys!

I only packed a few boxes this week. I'll focus more on packing next week. This week I just wanted the kids and I to find a new routine with Phil being gone. Mornings are still the most difficult time. It didn't help that a couple mornings ago we had a bit of snow on the ground so we had "fun" digging for snow pants & boots for everyone! I'm so looking forward to having calm mornings before our home schooling begins each day. No more mad dashes, looking for the GLOVE that has legs, finding the coat that never made it to it proper place, or signing papers that should have been signed the night before!!!

I know it probably sounds insaine but I am really looking forward to home schooling! We will take it slow this winter and do some modified schooling over the summer so the kids stay up on their skills and we complete the required home schooling hours for Wisconsin. If all goes well I hope to have our family join the local YMCA by March so we can start on regular gym & swimming times throughout the week. Plus it will give the kids the opportunity to be involved in some sports with kids in the community.

I'm off now to get the house all tidied up for Phil's return, and get our supper ready so we can have a fun family night together!