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I am a busy mommy of 6, seeking to be a loving, godly helpmeet to my husband and a biblical discipler to my children. God has blessed us with a child with Autism. May the lessons that the Lord is teaching me and our family be a blessing to you and yours!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Did I get your attention with that title?

For those of you who haven't heard I fell down the stairs Sunday night Jan 20th. Thankfully Phil was still home to care for me. We thought that I had cracked my tail bone again. The pain was much worse than when I broke my tail bone carrying Philip down the steps 4 years ago. Because of how bad the pain was we were quite sure it was broke but wanted to know how bad so I went in for x-rays on Monday. We found out Tuesday morning that there was not a break so they assumed that I have a deep bone bruise on my tail bone and have possibly sprained my lower hip/pelvic area because of all the pain I was in.

Phil stayed home most of the week and worked from here since I could barely walk. I spent most of my time on my side on the couch.

Finally by Sunday I was able to walk better and stand for longer periods of time. I was still not able to sit at all but had healed to the point that Phil was going to head back down to Cleveland on Monday.

Monday night I decided to try to sleep in my bed for the first time since falling. That was a BIG mistake. I was in horrible pain all night even after taking pain medicine, switching positions, using pillows, etc. So last night I was back on the couch again. I was a lot more comfortable but still had a hard time sleeping.

I can sit a bit better today but still have to be very careful of how I sit and for how long.

For those of you who may be wondering if Nathan is potty trained yet....... NO. He is making great progress but I would not call him fully trained yet. He is having a hard time keeping himself pointed in the right direction which leads to washing the bathroom rugs and floor often! :-) He is telling me when he has to go potty now and makes a mad dash for the bathroom. But we have not had one day yet with 100% success. I'm sure my being laid up for a week didn't help any.

Today we are staying warm inside while the temperatures here are a "real feel" of over 40 below 0F. Many of the schools and colleges in Wisconsin and all the schools in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are closed today because of the dangerous wind chill.