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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Wow! I cannot believe that it has been over a month since I have blogged.

We had a lovely Christmas. Phil's Mom & Dad were able to be with us for a few days before Christmas. They left the Sat before to get back to all the Canadian Family. We love having them visit. They are such a blessing to us and our kids! It is wonderful having such godly Grandparents for our kids to be impacted by!

Phil was able to be home for almost 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Years holidays. His office was shut down for a week so he got permission from his company to work from home. It was such a blessing to have him here and be a complete family for those weeks! His time off ended with a trip to Kentucky for work and an evening at a Milwaukee Bucks game with Sam, Caleb, and their Boy Scout pack.

Now we are back into the school routine, Phil being gone, and life as normal as it can be. Nathan is potty training, I'm hoping by the end of the week he will have it down pat. I'm dedicating the next 4 days to training Nathan. He has all the potty readiness signs. So we are sitting him on the potty every 15 minutes and giving him 3-5 M & M's each time and LOTS of juice & milk! :-) He seems to be enjoying it and we are seeing lots of success, much more so than we've had the last 2 weeks of him deciding to not wear diapers and NOT go potty on the toilet until AFTER he had gone in his underwear.

I'll leave you with a Philip funny: This past weekend Phil was taking Philip to his friend Carters Birthday party. They had to drive by our Credit Union to get there. As they were passing the CU Philip said, "Daddy, we are driving by the sucker house!" I told the ladies at the CU what Philip said and they enjoyed laughing at his statement too!

Hope you are having a GREAT start to 2008!


Jennifer said...

The "sucker house"--how cute! I'm sure there are many kids that can identify with that. Leave it to Phillip to officially name it. I thought of you today as I was ordering a couple of Pampered Chef items. Hope you are doing well. Thankful for the time you were able to spend as a family. Tell everyone hello!