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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Today Samuel got his stitches removed. The cut looks quite nasty still but it is sealed up! I was reminded of all the amazing ways that Samuel has found to get blood out of his fingers:

1. Easter Sunday's 2006 episode with the whiffle ball! For those who haven't heard this story I will share it! Easter Sunday we were all ready to go to church when Sam came into the kitchen crying because he couldn't get his finger out of the whiffle ball. He had decided to take his pinky's and stick them into holes on opposite sides to see if they could touch. Well Sam's fingers are a bit on the pudgy side so they got STUCK! Phil managed to pull one of the pinky's out but the other was VERY stuck and started to swell. We tried, cold water, ice, oil, and butter with no luck. So Phil took Samuel to the hospital hoping they'd have something that could cut it off. At the hospital, I'm sure it was their most interesting Easter Accident, they had to numb up Sam's finger and pull the ball and deep groves of skin off his finger. Sam couldn't feel a thing. Later that day of course his finger throbbed quite nicely. I had hoped he had learned his lesson about shoving body parts where they didn't belong only to find him on the deck a few days later crying because he had decided to stick his knee's through the side panels on the deck and was stuck there. I was afraid we'd have to saw him out but thankfully I got him to relax enough so I could pop his knees back through!

2. The Serrated bread knife to the finger which needed three stitches. He decided to cut the end off a piece of celery by using his hand as a cutting board.

3. Stapling his finger. This just happened a couple days ago. The story: I called Phil on the phone while I was in town grocery shopping and all of a sudden heard Sam screaming. He was loading staples into his stapler and put his thumb over the area where the staple come out and pushed to close it not realizing that it would staple right into his finger. The staple was all the way in his thumb! The staple bruised him pretty good.

Someday I will have to post other of the past adventures of Sam..... like the time he ran through the garage door in Phil's car, the time he stepped on a nail that was sticking out of a board just to see what would happen, and the time he decided to kill flies with a broom..... the flies were on my living room WINDOW!! So, look for more adventures of Samuel in the future. I'm sure there will be many new stories . I often wonder if he will survive until he becomes a teenager!!