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Thursday, June 5, 2008

School is over and the countdown has begun for vacation & moving day!

Just 4 more days until Family Camp!
Only 11 days until we Move!

Today we've been packing! It is a perfect day for packing since it is rainy and dreary out. I am almost out of boxes again. :-) Hopefully by the end of the day we'll have all the kids packed for camp and all extra clothes boxed up for the move.

Phil signed the contract for our Irish Road rental yesterday. YEAH!! We officially have a place to live within 20 minutes of Phil's work. This week it has been raining every day so Phil hasn't been able to plant anything. We are thankful for the rain as it has revealed that the roof has NOT been fixed at the rental. We are very blessed with good landlords who will be fixing the roof, putting new carpet in our bed room, and painting the entire house before we move in on the 16th. The only thing we might have to do is replace the upstairs banister which is only 2 feet high and quite wobbly.

Phil will probably stay until Saturday so he can put our 75 tomato plants, 6 pumpkin plants, 6 watermellon plants, and the about 16 pepper plants in the ground. We were hoping to plant a little more spinach & lettuce and the corn but it is way to wet. Phil will be harvesting our first lettuce to bring home for our fathers day salad.

Our roosters are getting big! We got our first 25 laying hens this week. They are cute little orange/brown fur balls! I will hopefully be getting 1-1 1/2 dozen eggs a day starting sometime in October. I ordered another 50 chickens, they will be a mix of breeds and sexes, which will be arriving the week after July 28th along with 2 geese, 6 ducklings, & 6 turkeys! How fun!! I am so excited about getting to eat chicken again!! We will butcher one of the turkeys for thanksgiving even though he may only be 10-15 pounds by then. It will be really neat getting to eat a bird we raised from a hatchling, no mystery injections, fillers, fattening on GMO corn & soy, and knowing our bird had the opportunity to live a happy turkey life in a pasture eating bugs & grass!

We have another new animal addition to our "farm". Rabbits! Sam went with some friends last weekend to a local animal swap. They were able to find us 2 girl rabbits the gray & white lion hair, and the cute little orange one, and a white daddy. We will breed the rabbits for meat. When we move we will have to find another male so we have two males in order to insure we aren't breading the kids with dad. Yes, I know what you are thinking.... who will kill them? Phil says he doesn't think he will have a problem doing it, so we are going to give it a go. They are another cheap animal to feed! During the summer they will eat grass, clover, and dandelions.

For those of you who know Phil you will be pleased to know that Phase One of the Robot Factory has finally been started! He has planted his carrots and purchased the rabbits! If there are any interested in investing in Reese Robotics while the company is young, please let us know! :-) For those of you who have never heard of Phil's childhood plans to build a robot factory, some day I'll have to share the entire story with you.

Enjoy the pictures!

I'd better get back to packing!