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Sunday, June 1, 2008
You know you are officially moving when

~packing overtakes your life.
~The kids say, "Mom, where is the _________" and for once you know where it is: "It's packed!"
~every pair of pants you put on have sharpie markers in the pocket.
~you dream of organizing your new home, with a fervent passion for no cluter and a place for everything or IT ISN'T COMING OUT OF THE BOX!
~you are determined to only make useful purchases FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!
~you serve hot dogs to your family three times in one week.... so much for healthy eating. :-)
~you are 16 loads behind on laundry, cannot see the laundry room floor and you are encouraging your children to run through the neighbor hood with bare feet (because there aren't any clean socks).

Yes, our lives are quite hectic right now. The living room is about 1/3 full of boxes, not clear up to the ceiling, but high enough that we have to watch the little boys who think a cool square jungle gym has just been constructed for their use! I finished all the upstairs closets last week each of which are 5 X 8. Everything is packed and labeled from those areas and I'm almost totally done with the upper level of the house. I only have to help Eliza & the littles pack for the next 2 weeks then box up the rest.

My greatest challenge currently is finding enough boxes to fill. We were shocked to discover this week that WalMart will no longer give boxes out to people. Last week I picked up 2 carts that were full of boxes and this weekend when Phil went they wouldn't let him have any because they get paid to recycle the cardboard. Now I'm on a fervent search for boxes to finish up. If I cannot find boxes I'll resort to buying storage bins which I can use in organization, but really don't want to spend the money on right now.

We have changed our plans to go down to the house for this weekend. After working very hard these past several days packing Phil & I decided that he'd go down for work this week, stay at the new house, work in the garden in the evenings, and come home Fri evening or Sat once all the gardening is done. This will allow me to have a couple extra days to prepare for camp which will allow for a more relaxing vacation at Northland Family Camp. The kids were a bit bummed but I think they are excited for a couple extra days to play with their friends before we move.

Our landlord will be painting the house. If they are able to get the bedrooms, living & dinning room done, they will also strip the wallpaper off the kitchen and paint it too. I requested that they get the rest of the house done first and that if needed I'll do the kitchen this summer.

Today we did take a day of rest..... well can you call washing and folding 10+ loads of laundry rest?!? So maybe we just took a rest from packing. :-) We did enjoy a wonderful morning in church as a family with hopes of seeing Caleb & Sam Baptized. Plans changed when Pastor went to get into the baptismal after the service to find it EMPTY. :-) We all had a good laugh and are thankful that we'll be here for 2 more Sunday's. Hopefully next week will be their baptismal. Philip wasn't feeling good but we made him go this morning so we could all be there for the service to see Sam & Caleb Baptized. Philip was so sick that he slept and SNORED through the entire message. I tried plugging his nose, shifting him, covering his mouth, etc and no matter what I did he still snored the entire time. His tonsils are huge and he is congested so it is no wonder, but it was quite funny. A friend of mine sitting 4 rows in front of us could even hear him. He is taking another nap right now, poor kid!

We'll I'd better get back to the laundry..................................


Angie said...

Your list was funny. After having just completed a move I totally agree with all of it. I am finding how easy it is to get rid of something when it comes to finding a place to put in in the new house. I have gotten rid of quite a few things in the last few days just because I didn't want to find a new place to put it.
I hope you move continues to go well and will keep you in our prayers.

ertlnet said...

Call ahead to McDonald's before you go to town. Ask them to save fry boxes for you. They are great packing boxes! They hold 36 lbs of fries, so they're sturdy, but not so big that they're awkward.