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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Our first couple of days at camp have been very fun! We haven't been that great at taking pictures but will try really hard to make up for it over the next couple of days. I ran home this evening to do some laundry because Nathan puked all over me at dinner tonight. He vomited the first night when we got back to the cabin too. We cannot figure out if he is actually sick, which doesn't seem likely since he acts totally fine, or if he just isn't used to the food. We've been cooking so clean and most of the time Nathan eats Thomas's GF/CF foods, we are thinking it may be possible that he just cannot handle the processed foods or all the gluten. If this keeps up all week then he is totally fine next week eating mom's cooking, it may be possible that he just couldn't handle the change in diet.

Here is a little recap of the past couple days for you:

Monday: A dear friend in town here helped us pack and get all our things out to camp. She sacrificed 2 hours to help us make trips to camp, helped me do some dishes and was simply a HUGE blessing to our family! The first evening Thomas really had a hard time in the children's groups. Many of you know that PHil and I have worked at NMC in several positions and usually the staff NEVER gets a parent out of the service. They are so well trained and so extremely patient and caring that most kids can get over their crying and start having fun. The change in routine and the number of kids in the 1-3rd grade group was so extremely overwhelming for him. Finally Phil and the couple in charge of the children's groups decided to move Thomas down with the 4 yr - kindergarten group. He has done much better in that group! We are so thankful for the staff at NMC!! They've handled him very well.

Tuesday: Phil and I enjoyed a morning of teaching sessions along with some quiet time for us to talk and pray together. The kids got to have game time, craft time, bible story time, and over all a TON of fun! After lunch Phil and I hung out with Nathan, Philip, Eliza & Caleb enjoying time playing basketball, watching some other activities, and talking with friends. Sam hung around with some new friends spending the day going on the water slides & swimming. At about 3 the littles and I headed back to the cabin for a nap while Phil and the other kids went to the fishing derby. Sam came in second place with a 1 1/2 pound bass. I'll ad a picture to this blog later showing off his catch! The evening included another preaching session for us, children's groups, and family fun.

We have been very blessed that we are able to have one of Thomas's Therapists come to camp to work with him from 12:30 - 3:30 each afternoon. They are playing with another autistic child & therapists working on having the boys take turns choosing activities, taking turns in those activities, working on manners and generalizing other things they boys have learned through therapy. Thomas's favorite activity this week has been mini golf! He also loves the boats and has decided today that he wants to try to zip line tomorrow.

Wednesday: We got to sleep in a little this morning which was refreshing. Then we had one morning session before brunch and family field games. The kids enjoyed sack races, egg toss, water balloon toss and more! Nathan and I had a quicky nap after the games. Phil and PHilip fished for about 2 hours and caught lots of fish. Eliza, Sam & Caleb enjoyed the two water slides, swimming, and playing carpet ball. We ended the afternoon with a Reeces Artic Dream and a Cappuccino (Philip's favorite drink). You've already heard that Nathan puked on me, so we are here doing some laundry while Phil and the kids are in sessions. We will head back in a few minutes for funny time, date night (where the kids will have sitters and Phil & I will get 1 hour alone), and star gazing for the older three.

Off I goooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Karis said...

How wonderful to have this camp vacation in the middle of a very busy time of life (then again, when isn't it a busy time of life?).

I'm also glad Thomas has adjusted.