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Friday, April 25, 2008
As you know our family has been switching to as much organic as we possibly can. Today I had the opportunity to take some of our raw organic cream to Philip's 4K class and show them how to make butter from cream. The kids shook cream in old peanut butter jars until the butter separated from the buttermilk. Then we salted it lightly and spread it onto homemade corn muffins. I talked with the kids about how we get our milk from a dairy farm right after it comes out of the cow and a little bit about the difference between the milk we buy and the stuff they get from the store. It was fun being in Philip's class and the kids loved having "real" butter and muffins for a treat!

Today a friend shared the following site with me. We use organic expeller pressed coconut oil for almost all our baking and sauteing. As I was checking out their products I read their write up on converting just 10% of what your family uses to organic. For those of you who are trying to make some healthier choices I thought you'd be interested in seeing the information on Pesticides as well as the list of benefits for changing just 10% of your foods to organic. Keep reading for more info on the site and the write up they have on their site.

Below is a site that has a great little write up on how converting just 10% of your food, cosmetics, or other things can impact the health of our environment and farm land. Then it lists several resources for information.

Click on "Support Organic Agriculture". Read this entire page or scale down until you see:

Use At Least 10% Organic For A Better World