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Thursday, April 3, 2008
Phil FINALLY was able to see the rental house today. He took a bunch of pictures and posted them on Click on "Click here for Gallery" then on Phil's album, go to the second page of our album and you will see "Irish Road Rental Pictures." Click on that picture and you will see the many pictures Phil took of the house, barn, & property.

I like the house with the exception of its need for a new roof which is evidenced by the BAD water damage to the upstairs ceiling. I think the layout will work nicely for our family. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs with a bathroom and 1 bedroom (the one with all the toys in it ) on the main floor. There is also another bathroom on the main floor and it looks like a toilet in the basement! It makes me laugh... the toilet in the basement. You would not believe the number of old houses that we have looked at that have a toilet in the basement. :-)

We would probably put all the kids upstairs. Eliza & Sam would have their own rooms. Caleb & Thomas would share. Their room would also be Thomas's therapy room, so they'd have the largest room upstairs. Philip & Nathan would have the next largest since their toys will be in their room with them. Phil said there are closets in each room and lots of little storage area's throughout the house. Phil and I would use the main floor bedroom. We'd use the Kitchen as an eat in kitchen just like the current renters are doing. Where they have their living room, is actually the dinning room (where the wood stove is) we would use this room as our living room. The French doors that lead to the official living room, which they are using for a school room, we would use as our school room.

The barn is in rough shape but I guess one of the side buildings is ok and will work for chickens. Phil said he thinks there is an area that will work well for pigs too. I'm a bit bummed but it looks like for now we will have to wait on the cow until we can repair one of the side buildings and/or come up with a different option. There also isn't enough grazing land for a cow unless the field on the corner that isn't being farmed or used is the landlords and he will let us fence it in to use for pasture. For now we've decided to focus on the gardens, chickens and pigs. There is a dairy farm within a few miles of the house that we can buy fresh organic raw milk at and will probably just continue to get milk from them rather than having our own cow this year.

Phil is going to talk with the landlord about the roof & ceiling issues. If the landlord is willing to repair these then we will be renting the house. If not we are back to square 1 and searching for somewhere to rent.