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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
There are no major changes here with the exception that we are now seeing grass instead of snow. YEAH!! We've pulled out the shorts and are really enjoying our beautiful spring weather! Today it is raining and I have my garden plants on the front walk getting wet. We've had success with most of the plants we have started. Some better than others. Some of the plants seem to have stems that are WAY to long and I'm not sure what to do about it yet. I'm going to put a call into a veteran gardener in our church to see if he can come over and see my plants and give me some instruction on what to do so that they will be healthier. Today I ordered my strawberry, raspberry, blueberry & black berry plants, potato & onion sets, rhubarb, and some romaine lettuce seeds.

This weekend we hope to make a trip down to New Holstein so that I can see the house and property. We are trying to find places for the kids to stay so we can have 1 night away ALONE. It will be an early Anniversary celebration since May is looking to be far to busy. I'm looking forward to seeing the house so that I will be able to pack a little more efficiently, plus we will be able to figure out where we want to put our berry plants. There is already a nice garden plot but I don't think I want the raspberry's, & black berries to be in the garden since they will have smaller plant shoots each year coming up from their roots. Yesterday I dug up 7 raspberry plants from my garden here to move down to the farm.

The kids are all doing great! Thomas is VERY excited that spring is "officially" here, meaning, he got to fly the kite he received at Easter. Nathan and Philip keep wanting to swim in the kiddy pool I have set up to catch rain water for my garden plants. Sam and I are focusing on Multiplication, reading and English as his primary classroom work. We are also tracking the plants for science and he listens to a wide variety of dramatized History lessons, which he really enjoys. Caleb is doing better with his work habits at school and Elizabeth is just plugging along. This Friday I am visiting Philip's class to teach them how to make homemade butter. They are studying how they get "energy" from cows and the teacher heard we make our own butter and other dairy products. The kids will take turns shaking some cream in a Mason Jar until it turns into butter. Then we will spread the fresh butter on some fresh bread that I'm going to make for the kids. I'm sure it will be a fun morning!

Saturday we will be celebrating Nathan's Birthday with the boy scouts at a fishing activity. I'll let you know how that goes hopefully with some pictures next week!

I'm contemplating taking my interests about health, nutrition, and gardening to a different blog. When I get it going I'll list the name of it in my sidebar of this blog for those who are interested in recipes, and other information about those three topics.


heather said...

You are just a busy mommy! I will be watching and learning from you this growing season. I am planning on having a little garden this year to start a tradition of growing some of our own food. I'm curious, are you going to can or freeze your harvests?
Heather M.

Shirley said...

We will be blanching and freezing the Peas, beans, carrots, some grated zucchini, pumpkin, some spinach (for healthy dips), celery (for soups & stews), onions that won't keep in the root cellar, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots, berries, and possibly some tomatoes. Depending on how the harvest is going I may even try to freeze my own "stir fry" blend of veggies.

I hope to be canning tomato sauce, pizza sauce, speg sauce, diced tomatoes, tomato soup, katsup, salsa, chutney, bbq sauce, sweet n' sour sauce, and pumpkin.

I'm hoping to get a dehydrator for some of the berries, tomatoes, celery, carrots and any others that will dehydrate nicely.

This will be a big experimentation year, so when the time comes I'll do my best to post what is working and what isn't. This type of a post will most likely be on my new blog, I'll let you know!