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Friday, May 16, 2008

Today it hit me that I have just 19 days left to get this entire house packed up. AHHHH!! We aren't moving until June 16 BUT my last day to pack is June 4th. We leave for the new house on June 5th to paint and work in the garden through the 8th. After going to our new church in Kiel that morning we will head back up here to do laundry and pack for Northland Mission Camp's Family Camp. We register for Camp Monday afternoon and will be there through Saturday morning. Then back to the Pembine house for laundry and the final preparations for the move on Monday the 16th. In all reality I only see about 12 days that I will be able to be busy packing because of various events: school, Thomas's Birthday, Thomas's WEAP appt in Green Bay, and weekends with the Family. This Saturday is the Mother Daughter Banquet at our church, next Saturday it Thomas's birthday for which we have planned on going to a hotel to swim for a few hours then have a picnic party. Yikes, I was stressed when I figured out that I only had 19 days, now after thinking through the schedule I'm REALLY STRESSED!!! Anyone wanna come help?! I know the Lord will give me the strength to get it all done!

Today I packed 10 boxes up from my office , organized & labeled all the boxes I packed this past summer and packed up all the canning jars that have been given to me. Now that I have the garage organized I feel very free to continue packing and just move the boxes out there so we can still have somewhat of an orderly home during the packing process. This picture shows all the boxes that needed to be labeled so they'll make it to the correct room at the new house, plus the 10 boxes I packed today.

I had one VERY gross find for the day. While packing my canning jars into boxes with lids I found a jar that had what I thought was a mouse nest. In the same box there was a jar with some icky smelling water. When I dumped the jar I noticed the partially decomposed body of a little mouse. YUCK!! I quickly covered up then had to explain to Philip why the mouse was dead and why he couldn't touch it. EWWWW!

After working from 9-5 on packing I came in to clean up the "packing" mess in the kitchen. You know the leftover stuff from the sorting, organizing, pitching process. Then finished off my pizza crust and made our pizza for tonight. I used Lindsay's recipe from Passionate Homemaking which was posted on Nourishing Gormet. It is a soaked pizza crust recipe and it smells and looks WONDERFUL! I didn't finish this post before the pizza was done, so we have sampled the crust now and it tastes GREAT!! Much better than my attempt at a soaked crust the past 4 weeks. Here is the link for the recipe: Lindsay's Pizza Crust Recipe

Phil has been working hard this week fencing in the garden and planting the broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, red onions, Brussels sprout and butter crunch lettuce all from plants that we started inside in late March/early April. I'm so thankful that he has been willing to work so hard to get our garden ready and planted. It has been a LOT of work, especially since he is putting in a full day of work then driving 20 minutes to get there so he can work until dark each night. I'll have to see if I can get him to take a camera down next week and take a picture of our garden so I can show it to you. You've probably noticed that I've finally learned how to post pictures! :-) I haven't figured out how to post more than one picture and have it look right but I'm learning!

Well, I'm off to clean up the kitchen, clean up our room and get beautiful because my sweet hubby is coming home tonight! :-)


Angie said...

Love to come help but I am doing a little packing of my own. Hope yours goes smoothly.