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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Here are a few more tips for reducing your expenses during this uncertain economic time.

1. STOP SAVING CASH! Ok, now you think I've flipped right? Take some time to research out what top economists are saying about the dollar. One of my favorite investors has coined the phrase: "Cash is TRASH!" The dollar value is crashing so what good is your hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings really going to be worth when the dollar value is ZERO. If you have a savings you really have three choices for your money. 1. Invest it into consumable goods for your family: ie FOOD, Livestock (if you are in the country). 2. Invest it in hard cash, meaning gold coins or silver coins. You can purchase small lots of 90% silver on ebay, and through many silver brokers and banks. Your silver, & gold will increase in value as the dollar decreases. Be careful though. If you invest in silver from a large broker your silver may be traceable. You don't necessarily want people to know you have gold & silver hiding some where. BUT you do want to have it. Some top economists are saying that silver may reach as high as $100 per ounce! One I was listening too stated that if you own $9000 in silver you may be able to purchase a home when the economy fully crashes because that silver will be worth a LOT more! Even IF gold and silver do not sky rocket even if it doubles in value you have invested wisely. How long will it take your money to double at a 2%-3% interest rate in your savings? I rest my case! 3. Keep your money watch your investment go negative while inflation increases! Meaning, there is less pull for your dollar every day.

2. Stop using paper products. Ok I know there is no replacement for toilet tissue & even writing paper for our children. However, we can greatly reduce the use of other paper products. Instead of paper towel use microfiber towels and/or rags for cleaning. Replace your paper napkins with cloth. Use the same cloth napkin for each person for all meals in a day, just make sure to save your messiest meal for dinner! :-) Start using hankies instead of kleenex (or if you are a kleenex lover buy lots over the next few months before the prices get too unreasonable).

3. Hang your clothes outside to dry. I am NOT a fan of underwear and socks on the clothes line, however, if all I'm drying is one load of underwear and socks a week rather than drying 4-5 loads a DAY I can really save a LOT of energy and reduce my electric bill. I don't have a clothes line right now and can hardly wait to have one again at the new house!

4. Wear your clothes more than once. Ok, I'm meddling now right?? No, most people can wear pants/skirts 2-3 times before they really need to be laundered. I know what you are going to say next, "MY kids cannot keep clothes clean for 3 minutes let alone 3 days!" I have five boys and believe me they get dirty in the summer. However, I find that usually their pants & shorts can still be worn more than one day, especially if they are just playing outside. I do change their shirts every day. Once they get a nice tan I don't even encourage them to wear shirts in the summer. It saves me laundry and boys love running around without a shirt on! Teach your kids how to judge whether it is really clean or dirty before they throw their clothes in the wash. Reducing your laundry as much as possible will reduce your expenses in soap & electricity.

5. Don't shower/bathe daily. EWE! No really now, only if you have a very physical job will you stink after one days work. So space your bathing to every other day or every third day is possible. Stop making your kids bathe every day! Teach them to shower or bathe when they stink, if they don't sink have the wash their hands and face before/after meals and their feet before bed (so you don't have black stains on the sheet when they play outside all day in their bare feet/sandals). I promise you that they won't grow weeds behind their ears if they only have 1 or 2 baths a week. Really!!! :-)

6. Interview your grandparents or parents and find out how they made it through the last depression our nation had. Take notes and make some changes that will help your family to survive through our tremulous times.

When I think of more expense reducers I'll post again! Do you have any input?